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studio nights


    studio nights

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    • Camera: Nikon D700
    • Aperture: f/10
    • Exposure: 1/200th
    • Focal Length: 85mm
  2. aurorae:

. (by Crusade.)


    . (by Crusade.)

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  7. 謎を愉しめ。新潮文庫 | トップページ

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    2001: A Space Odyssey by Kilian Eng / Tumblr

    24” X 36” 6 color screen prints with metallic inks, editions of 15. Glow in the dark layer featured on the red variant. Private commission.

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(Print-Process / Product / Le Grand Depart - Up!から)

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    Float your boat, Josep Moncada

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    Sean Murndys Portrait Photography

    artist on tumblr

    22-year-old photographer Sean Mundy creates images that are simplistic, but rich with meaning. Mundy wants people to see meaning in his pictures where he never intended there to be meaning. He is drawing inspiration from simple sources, a single feeling, moments in life or nature.

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  13. 映画の車 may  二次元裏@ふたば